eCouter festival

Some of our friends live in a very cosy but active neighbourhood, right downtown of Leuven and they organise each year a neighbourhood festival that makes us all jealous. How great it must be to live in the midst of an active community.

We've been there already in the past but usually there's other plans in our agenda that prevent us from attending (summer many activities that compete for attention!). This year we were in town so it seemed like fun to go and visit with the kids. Unfortunately we had to leave when all the music performances would start, so we missed the best once again.

Nevertheless we enjoyed the afternoon when most of the activities were dedicated to play-time for the neighbourhood children. We enjoyed a drink in the sun. After 4 times walking by and refusing, Kabouter finally dared to go on the bouncy castle with our encouragements and then had a blast, although he remained very cautious in front.

Most of the circus workshop was still too challenging for him, but he was quite interested to give the sticks a try.

At 4 PM, a burst of loud rhythms approached the streets. The drum band Lokomotiv opened the music festival with their energetic rhythms. In no time all the people formed a big wide circle around them to enjoy the drums. I must say we regreted having to leave to our next appointments of the day.


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