GP Jef Scherens

Every year we wake up at the sight of the city towing cars away on the other side of the road after which city services come to place road closures in the morning.

Then the police arrives, which was totally ridiculous this year as they were camping in their car next to a construction blocked street anyway.

And a few hours later the circus comes by 13 times....too often to pay attention to it right away.  We discovered that the race was being aired for the first time live on tv...pretty handy to find out when you had to go outside to go and have a view of the cyclists coming by.  So while I was feeding Beertje, Jan and Kabouter went out for a first time and I tried to get a glimpse of them on tv.

Look mommy, I saw this one and this one outside

I joined them for the last 3 rounds, while we did our best to wave to the helicopter each time it was hovering above us.  Kabouter seemed to love to cheer along the road.

For the last rounds we joined some neighbourhood friends a bit further. While tracking the live race on mobile tv, we could cheer to Dimitri Claeys when he came by :p, after which we could see him win a few minutes later.   And then we had to wait for the last racers to come by which took about another 10 minutes.  Only minutes later the nearby crossings were getting cleaned up and soon the streets were back to business as usual.

Dimitri Claeys


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