Short hair

Last summer I had a fairly short haircut and I really loved it. I had been wearing my hair in a pony tail constantly as it had been bothering me. When I got my haircut, I just recently found out I was pregnant with Beertje. If there's one thing that might turn you mad during child birth is hair that sticks into your sweaty face so the hair was cut at a length that would allow a pony tail again in 9 months. And I just about made that.

This spring and summer I was once again constantly wearing my hair clipsed up as it simply annoyed me very much when it was down. Too much hair in my neck. I did not want hair in my neck.  So I longed for my summer hair cut again. But the hair salon is closed for vacation for a few weeks each summer and the other Saturdays are usually fully planned (in our agenda or theirs). So I was really happy to get an appointment last Saturday and I counted down.

While other times when I get a different haircut in the past, I was surprised to see my own image when walking by a mirror, it now feels completely normal. (probably because I've truly put my hair up in a clip for months now so maybe it's no huge frontal change). I get a lot of compliments at work, so I assume it's a positive change.   Here's some pictures...where the bags under my eyes really shock me. Maybe I should start wearing some make-up after all, but let's concentrate now on the hair, shall we?


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