Summer in our garden

Daycare was 2 days closed this week and the weather forecast was great. I had taken 2 days off to take care of the kids and I really wanted to profit to be outdoors. Rather than being in the city with the children, I felt like enjoying our space outdoors in the other side of the country even if it's usually a bit cooler over there. Therefore I left with both children to the Ardennes, leaving Jan behind who was working.

When we arrived Kabouter proclaimed indeed that it was too cold to fill water in his little pool which was parked in the shade. No problem, I'd fill it for mommy and Beertje with warm water and put it in the sun....It took him 5 min to be in it ;).
He had brought his water pistol and I had promised we'd play as soon as I had my bikini on.
"Mommy, where's your binini?  Can I play yet?  Are you ready? Mommy, is that your bikini? What is that?   Ah, that can become wet, no?  "
Needless to say we had a lot of fun playing together, especially as Beertje took a well-timed nap.  At the end of the afternoon our baby could also have a taste of the small pool and he seemed to take it all in quite well. Even more, he clearly thought a pool was made for belly rolls...euhm not so fast you little monkey.

Late at night we had some football games and there were outdoor naps in the silence (well...I could hear the cows eat the grass next door), there were train rides and there was some biking.  A good 2 days outside, well worth leaving Jan behind for ;)


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