Baking biscuits

A big storm was predicted: rain, heavy wind gusts, ... Parks were closed and warnings were issued. The perfect day to cocoon at home.  Instead of walking to the weekly market, our neighbour came over for coffee and the kids were playing together.

Afterwards I promised Kabouter to bake biscuits together. I had planned to do this already a long time on a bad weather day and I had ensured Friday I had sufficient ingredients at home to make it happen this weekend.   Kabouter was quite eager to get started and was running around making an inventory of what we needed " mom, we need 2 spoons...and also a bowl, we need this plate?"

I especially needed the recipe as I had never....(I'll enter a pause here to grasp that confession) ....baked biscuits or cakes or anything before in my life.  A tiny bit scary, but I asked some supervision from Jan to ensure I started off with a well kneaded dough.

And then our fun could start: rolling out the dough and cutting our little star and car forms  and decorating our cookies. Easy and fun, to repeat in the future :).


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