Count your blessings - November 2016

  1. A commute through the woods and along quiet fields with rolling hills with pheasants observing quietly the passing traffic.
  2. A little red pompon and a giant blue jacket with tiny legs underneath, running around in the park
  3. A little body crawling against yours, leaning in when you start to read a story, a small hand on your lap.  A voice that finishes your sentences of the lines we've read so often before
  4. A baby that drinks at your chest, ...pauzes...looks up and says "Mama" with a smile...and then eagerly continues to drink. 
  5. Baking cookies with a toddler
  6. A toddler that seems to sleep deeply at night, not getting disturbed when the rest of us go to bed later on or when his baby brother protests/whines at night , now that we are forced to all share 1 bedroom due to renovations.  (at least for as long as his baby brother didn't get ill)
  7. Listening to 3 men/boys breathing peacefully asleep in your bedroom    
  8. Plumbers that manage to move a heating system with less disruption that initially planned and communicated
  9. Colleagues (all with small children) who smile understandingly "we know what it's like", when you arrive late in your first morning meeting.
  10. A week of predicted dry weather to end the renovating waiting game and to make things happen
  11. Our little spot in the Ardennes to retreat to 
  12. Antibiotics that change your miserable sick baby into a smiling baby full of mischief and initiative again
  13. Internet tv that can be streamed to your big screen when the satelite is out


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