Sitting down

After mastering the skill to stand up, Beertje has now also mastered the skill to gently sit down again over the previous week.

That makes a huge difference. While he could pull himself up and hold on to e.g. a small table, he could not go sit down again. So he was holding on and holding on and holding on until he got really tired and cramped and started to cry from fatigue.  Or he was holding on and holding on and then he let go and he fell and started to cry. When he was holding on to grab a thing on the table (it's always full of interesting stuff to him) and to throw it on the was out of reach and he'd start to cry because he couldn't reach for the object anymore.

Do you notice the crying trend? There was no happy end.  Because in a baby's logic, it's not good either if we released him from holding on and helped him gently to sit down again. Hah, hell no, parents are not allowed to sabotage the newly conquered autonomy of standing up.

But our evenings are a bit more relaxed now, as he now pulls himself up at our leg, a table, a box, ...and then goes back to sitting to crawl further and to pull himself up somewhere else.  What an ease to have a baby with such an independence...until we didn't look for a minute and he was in the kitchen on top of the mini staircase. Whaaa, too much autonomy! Now please stop growing up so fast!


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