Tough day

Beertje has had a cold for a while now but I noticed it had worsened last week.  I had been working long days myself.

On Thursday I checked his fever and it was ok but at night I noticed he was glowing. I got up to go and search for some medication but I didn't dare to wake him up yet.  He got more and more restless and a bit later I was giving him medication. Unfortunately a coughing attack later, I could change his clothes, mine and mop the floor.  He was very miserable and I couldn't get him back to sleep anymore.  In order to prevent Kabouter from waking up, we moved down to the sofa for most of the night.

In the morning it was clear that Beertje couldn't go to daycare and I was way to tired to work. I booked a doctor's appointment, mailed work that I'd take a day off.

Kabouter was tired and cold and I had to practically drag him to school for the very first time.

It took a long waiting time at the doctor's office.  Beertje slept through it at a moment I couldn't join him in a nap.
The verdict was a bronchitis for Beertje.

I put soup in the microwave, turned and turned wondering why I was in the kitchen.  "Soup" said Jan.  I took the bowl out again and started to eat in order to realise I had not heated the soup yet.

Beertje and I went to nap but he was snoring and breathing so heavily (and only wanted to sleep in my arms) that he was keeping me awake.   Right when I had dozed off as well, some technician rang the front door bell for the appointment to fix our fire more nap

I decided to go to the city hall to pick up our new identity cards that should have arrived.  I realised after a short while that I was waiting in the wrong waiting hall. When arrived at the right desk, I noticed I had no longer the digital codes that I was supposed to bring on me: those had dropped out of my purse at home before I left. So I had to return home without success.
I wanted to rush back by taking the bus and in my fatigue waze, I jumped on the wrong one.

Traffic in Leuven had just come to a complete standstill due to an accident on the nearby highway and a late night shopping event with road closures downtown. So the bus had to take a detour and I was stuck for 20 min before I arrived at the first stop where I could get off and try to find the correct bus home.  In the end I simply walked. At one point I had tears in my eyes.

I recovered myself a bit during the evening but I was glad to be able to go to bed and hope that Beertje would allow us some more sleep.


Anonymous said…
Zo'n beetje alles wat fout kan gaan, gaat dan ook fout...
Hopelijk gaat het weer wat beter met Beertje en ben je zelf ook wat bijgetankt! :)
Goofball said…
Jammer genoeg is die ene lastige dag een heel lastig weekend geworden en heeft Beertje er nu nog een oorontsteking bijgekregen.

Maar met wat extra verlofdagen in 't vooruitzicht en antibiotica hopen we op beterschap.
yab said…
Hopelijk is Beertje er snel weer bovenop!

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