Vacation stop 3: Noordwijk aan zee

Vacation day 3 was only a short drive from Utrecht to the Dutch coast on a predicted grey and a bit rainy day.

Before the anticipated rain would come, we took a walk along the beach in the icy strong wind.  We were almost the only ones out there.   There were a remarkably high number of catering businesses for sale but we could warm up in one of the rare businesses at the beach that were still open.

Afterwards, while it stayed dry, we checked out the beach town of Noordwijk, which was filled with boring uncharacteristic blocks that are is so common in Dutch and Belgian beach cities.  A rare historic farm house that has remained and is now part of a museum was a refreshing sight among the rest.  We checked out some stereotypic stores and then decided we had had enough fresh air for the day.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we enjoyed the pool in the hotel and the kid's play room. The kids played and played until we were certain they'd drop asleep any moment. Beertje sure didn't want to let his young age count and tried to match his older brother into the playground. Wow, he'll become a handfull later on !
We were pleasantly surprised by how child-friendly this hotel was. Unlike other Radisson Blu's that we often visit, it didn't have a modern look and feel, but the services won us over.  We had checked in a very big (business) room where we got spoiled by not only 2 baby beds in a separate part of the room, but also by 2 changing pillows and 2 diaper bins.  That's the first time in all of our travels with the kids that we received such a thing.  We believe we'll come back here for a long weekend in spring or so, just before the summer top season would start.

We finished the day with a nice dinner in a restaurant across the street, near the hotel where I had been before on a congress with my previous job.   As anticipated, Beertje didn't last awake until the end of the dinner. 


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