Vacation stop #5: Maastricht

We only had the idea to drive to Maastricht the day before. First we simply thought to go home early on Friday.
When I just met Jan, he was shocked to hear I had never been in Maastricht. He had been so often so it seemed unreal that I had not done so but Maastricht is quite a long drive from where I grew up  (although we drove each year to Germany which was further).  He concluded right away that we should go and I agreed.   15 years later, we've been to so many places everywhere...but I still had not been in Maastricht.

We had driven closeby on our way to Dusseldorf but the idea really only popped our mind on our way to Eindhoven. And so I finally arrived in the city at the borders of the Maas.

We parked in a parking lot near an old city wall aligned with canons and I loved this city already. The contrast with Eindhoven couldn't be bigger.  We strolled through narrow streets with small design stores that Kabouter wanted to see (much to my amusement).

We visited the Christmas market where Kabouter and Jan visited Santa's house and Beertje and I took some selfie's outside.  We shopped for books in the former Dominican church, had lunch and walked around a bit more. A very pleasant last day of our 5-day road trip, and a city to return to.



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