You might have noticed that I've posted slightly more than I'm used to. Kathleen from Verbeelding and some of the blogging friends that took her course, had the idea to try to blog for 40 days in lent  (with 6 free days).

While I usually feel a bit allergic to all hypes where I feel obliged to do something, this time I was in the mood to join.  With an average of 4-5 posts it's only a minor step-up. On top of that, Kathleen is so understanding that you don't truly need to blog for 40 days, but it's a nice incentive.  She also sent a long list with potential topics that can inspire us.

To be honest: I have an average of 90 posts in draft...most of the time just a title that reflect what seemed a good idea at one time.  Some are that old I have no clue anymore what they were about, some are no longer relevant, some take a lot of time to elaborate.  So so far, I've not needed any of the inspirational topics.

Usually I try to type some posts in the weekend that I schedule throughout the week - often pictures of the activities we did those days - but I had no time, no energy and no inspiration. No inspiration is really strange as I had reopened 10 of those draft posts with the intention to finish those during the 40 day blog challenge. Some days you just have a writer's block.

While last week I assumed I'd blog these 40 days with a breeze , not even using the 6 day offs, right now I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do next week since I've not posted anything in advance anymore.  We'll see :)

If I'd get too silent, you can always go and read over at the other participants.


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