Beertje starts to walk!!

Beertje has been walking with support for quite a while.  He steps constantly around the table, chairs (or pushes them forward) etc... But when we predicted he'd walk unsupported before his first birthday, as did his older brother, he kept crawling for further distances.   For weeks he "crossed" over from table to us or a destination of choice if it were no more than 3 steps (1 release, 1 unsupported step and then throwing himself forward to support again).

And that changed all of a sudden last week.  4 steps, 5 steps...Jan kept calling me "come on look! Look look".  This weekend Beertje seems to have made a click and he realised he can do more.  First 7 and 9 steps...then a lot of falling and going back to crawling.  But the next day he tried again and also without our incentives to walk to me. With a big smile he now constantly makes attemps. He visibly realises that he has a new skill and a new freedom that is opening up.


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