The first spring sun

We had not been in the Ardennes since the big snow fun in January but now we returned with the first hints of Spring around the corner. So it was a bit funny to see our snow plows fallen idle on the driveway as a reminder we had left with huge piles of snow.  This time we were greeted by snowdrops in the grass.

Unfortunately, due to the 2 jobs I currently combine, I had to work to prepare some meetings for the beginning from the week so I couldn't spend as much time outside as I would have wanted.  But Jan and the kids had a really good time and the neighbour boy joined them.  They biked, rode a little red tractor, played with a ball  ...and came inside constantly to beg for cookies :D.  On Sunday we repeated it but this time I joined them outside for a while after all so I could catch some vitamine D as well and load myself for the rest of the week.
That first sunshine was such a blessing for all of us!

Kabouter trying to make pictures from his dad and brother


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