Wooden floors

The last weeks the renovations have caused several frustrations.  Nothing serious...maybe we are just getting impatient and tired of it all. It seemed that misunderstandings built up: an invoice that should not have been addressed to us arrived and escalated, workers that were supposed to be on time when I was in a morning rush to get it all organised didn't show up, the delivery of the wooden floors got delayed etc...

Things were happening, there were always apologies and attempts to make it ok again, ...but nevertheless we've been on the phone so often to check status and planning and replan etc.  I didn't have the energy for this.

While I had hoped that all the works would have been over already for a few weeks, and while our renewed hope that end of March all would be finished, the end is approaching but it'll be probably be early April.

Last week there was another layer of painting done, and this week the wooden floors were put out and the shower walls.  Also the last missing window has been installed, so after 4 months all the "holes" in our house have been closed off again.  The protecting tarp has been taken off from the staircase at the 2nd floor so our claustrophobic feeling is gone and we have light appearing from the new top floors.  That feels nice.

So now we wait for the final layer of paint, the plints, the doors and the staircase.


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