Tour de la Warche with Kabouter

When Beertje was asleep, it was an excellent moment to leave him behind with Jan and take Kabouter on a walk through the woods. I recently have the feeling we hardly go walking anymore in the Ardennes, and if we do, we seem to stick to short walks on decent roads as we take the stroller and/or Kabouter's bike.

But he had requested a few times to go into the woods and I really felt like doing the Tour de la Warche again.  I gambled that Kabouter would be up for the (most) of the > 4km walk and that I'd hopefully not have to carry him all around.

I was right: at a few stretches (uphill of course) I had to carry him in my arms, but in the woods he climbed and descended the trail with a lot of enthousiasm. We enjoyed the wild daffodils that are currently fully blooming along the river bed and the blossoms in the fruit trees. 

wild daffodils at the borders of the Warche river


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