The illusion of green fingers again

I've learned the hard way that I do not have green fingers. I water my plants a few times a month when I notice they look a bit pale and the leaves drag downwards.  10000 attempts to grow basil failed,  mint grew but turned out to be dirty plant with little sad leaves you'd not want in your cocktail, ... When buying the Ardennes I dreamed of a vegetable garden, and I planted a pumpkin...but the plant got eaten within the weekend from the snails.  Flowers get forgotten in winter and freeze. 

As Kabouter's school was raising funds with flower sales last year, I finally managed to create my long whished line of flowers on top of our mirror wall in the garden. Nevertheless I managed to let 5 lavender plants die somehow. 

So I was glad for the return of the flower sales at his school: I bought replacement plants for the missing lavenders in my line-up, as well as another dead plant that needed to be replaced.  But then it was so tempting to add some more are always nice and happy right? I'm sure I'd find a spot for them in our tiny garden. And then Jan saw they had added some mini vegetable plants in the choice and thought that would be fun for Kabouter, ...

And so this morning we went to buy a square meter vegetable garden and we were planting this afternoon with Kabouter. And then there seemed some more room for more herbs, so we went to buy some more...and in the store the melon plant seduced us as well etc... The little garden box is now rather crowded, far more than is optimal.

Let's hope we'll harvest a bit more than the 15 strawberries from previous summer (of which we forgot most to harvest or to eat!). You're welcome to leave a comment on my blog now and then to advice me to water all these plants.

Well, at least it gives us some fun, educational family tasks to do, regardless the harvest we'll get. 


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