A much needed walk in the sun

We profited from the sun on Sunday with a gorgeous walk along the German border.  We biked/walked along the Ravel and railbike but then turned into the woods where we seemed alone on the world.

It really felt good to be out, to move and to get some sun.  Previous week was tough on me for unclear reasons. But I felt tired, I have worries on my mind, I felt easily irritated at everyone all week, it was cold wet grey autumn weather outside and the world news was weighing on me as well. Not a feeling I often have. Hopefully I have managed to shake it off now and hopefully I can enter the new short week with renewed energy and mood.


yab said…
Grappig, het allereerste weekend met onze vriendengroep, in 2003, zijn wij gaan railbiken. Een eenmalige activiteit, want daarna nooit meer gedaan.

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