A new bed for Beertje one day

Since Kabouter moved into his new attic room after our long renovations in our house, not much happened anymore. We are still waiting for a good offer to make some wardrobe and Beertje's room was still empty. Since he still drinks at night, it was important to me to have an adult bed in his room so I would be able to sit or lay down when feeding him.  

Since we really love Kabouter's bed Flekke, which combines a spare bed underneath + additional storage drawers all in the space of 1 bed, we decided to buy already the same one for Beertje before Ikea decides to change its assortment - even though Beertje would not use his big bed for another couple of years.

I guess the sleepless nights previous week due to Beertje's teething (who still sleeps in our room) were the motivator to get things done. We went to get all the things needed and we spent Sunday morning assembling the new bed.  It's the perfect toddler activity : help us through a treasure hunt for the right number and right type of plubs or screws that we needed on the plan. 

And so Beertje's room has its first piece of furniture in it and he can now potentially be moved up to his own room.  But that's going to be another upcoming paradox for me ;).


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