Health issues

The summer announced itself quite well in our family but all of a sudden there were big clouds due to the sudden announcement that my dad needed an urgent hip replacement (again).  While hip replacements are a routine surgery, they are not at all for long time Parkinson's patients. My dad should absolutely avoid all narcosis but you can't do all surgery with local anaesthesia. With the memory of 5 months in hospitals and in revalidation centers with difficult medical complications previous spring and summer, we were heavily worried to say the least.

When we found out that his pain 10 days after surgery came from a brand new bone fracture that needed once again an immediate surgery, we were in shock and afraid of the outcome.

So we are currently back in a rhythm of constant hospital visits. Although we still have a  very long and difficult journey ahead of us,  I have the feeling we won't repeat the challenges from last year to the same degree. We hope.  And the children make us all laugh, no matter what. (as they did last year)


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