Out for dinner in Cum Laude - The Faculty Club

We don't go out for nice dinners as much as we used to do... children, they do change your life in all sorts of ways.  But the fact that good friends and lovers of nice cuisine are migrating was a good motivator to get a dinner appointment planned.

We went to "Cum Laude", the renewed restaurant in the Faculty Club.  For Jan and me it gave us a lot of memories since this is the location where we got married. The fact that there was a wedding going on when we arrived and it almost looked as if we had to crash a party to get into the restaurant gave me a lot of flash-backs to our great day.
It was a pleasant surprise to learn they had reserved our table outside since it was a lovely summer evening although we were in doubt at first that it would stay dry. 

My headaches and fatigue of a few sleepless nice thanks to Beertje's teething didn't affect me too much anymore in the evening, so we enjoyed the food and the company outside in this gorgeous setting. We do believe the new chef isn't as great as the previous one (but still very good) so our culinary very high expectations weren't completely fullfilled. Oh well, we are spoilt. 

I was glad we had managed to make it happen with my friends in the week they came back to pack up their old apartment. And the temperatures remained very mild so we managed to sit out all evening. A great evening out as we should plan more often.  


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