Enjoying good food and restaurants in Puerto de Mogàn

Good food is an essential part of being on vacation. 

Unlike the previous Gran Canaria vacations we didn't eat in in the hotel but enjoyed the good choice of little restaurants in the nearby Puerto de Mogàn.  It's a tiny touristic village but with still some active fishing activity. That's a nice guarentee for fresh seafood. 
I enjoyed the simple pure Spanish cuisine  even though the village is funny enough filled with Italian restaurants (incl Italian staff).  The town boasts to be the Venice of Gran Canaria due to 1 canal with flower bridges across  (? ...not multiple canals as all tourist guides seem to write) and a lot of flowered streets and I can only guess that's the reason for the abundance of Italian restaurants.  Italian or Spanish...they do all serve fresh fish which is great.

Freshly grilled squid with some lemon @El Comandante

Fresh tomatoes with some olive oil  (that one time I was not eating a brushetta with fresh tomatoes as starter) @El Comandante

Mussels @Tapas tapas

Cool sangria @Jungle Rock

Seafood / Beef kebab @Mogan Mar I

Paella @Blue Marlin

Gazpacho smoothie @Il Taglio Radisson Blu

Impressive burgers @Il Taglio Radisson Blu

Some restaurants that we enjoyed: 

- Tapas Tapas: Located at the edge of the beach boulevard. The food is good, not exceptional but it has a good price/quality ratio. I had mussels that were really delicious (and cheap) but for a Belgian the portion was way too small. I was happy that the children had not finished their plate.  The big bonus was that they are located across a playground so the children could play while we were relaxing on the terrace near the beach.

- Blue Marlin:  located on the beach boulevard.   Very good price/quality ratio. You are welcomed with a free glass of cava and appetizer. Good offer of fresh fish or paella.  The child menu includes an icecream for dessert.  There is a lot of personnel but nevertheless it was sometimes hard to catch their attention as they all have their tasks assigned : eg 2 persons are always looking out on the boulevard to catch new customers, with their back to their waving customers.

- Mogan Mar:  Located at the opposite edge of the boulevard. Offering a good range of fresh fish and meat kebabs that are served really nicely.  Very friendly personnel.

- Restaurante Clipper: one of the very nice Italian restaurants on the little square of the harbour

- El Commandante : nice restaurant with fresh fish at the little square of the harbour

- Jungle Rock: located on the first floor of the shopping center inland of Puerto de Mogan.  Excellent burgers, served orginally! Great sangria.  Fun bar.   And they have a fun child play corner with tents, toy boxes, games etc.  A big bonus and it made it the favourite restaurant from the children. Well worth eating outside of the "tourist" area.

- Zona Verde:  very good grill restaurant. Good meat, nice red wine. Despite its more or less isolated location , currently hidden behind a construction site, the little terrace fills up completely with reason.


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