Christmas market at the Park Abbey

Yesterday there was a Christmas market at the abbey yesterday, organised by the Doe Boerderij Leuven.  We've enjoyed their other markets, so we ventured out to check it out.

Beertje figured he was too big to sit in the stroller and so he walked the full km to the market, ran around and walked most of the distance home again. Way to go, little boy of almost 22 months!
Kabouter was confident he'd meet his school friends again. He announced that we (Jan and I ) could go home once we were there and he'd stay to play.  Euhm...nope, even though the abbey is a familiar environment to him since his school is close-by.

The inner square of the abbey was cosily filled with little stands, a play corner and little fires that intrigued the little ones. Fortunately they seemed wise enough not to come too close but I didn't feel too comfortable by their interest.  
Sure enough Kabouter ran off right upon arrival since he had spotted one of his school friends and heard that his best friend was also somewhere on the market. Ahh it's so nice to have him in a neighbourhood school and have his friends all living so close-by. 

The children ate cake and artisanal bread and warm apple juice and played around.  Just as previous time, we returned with loud protesting children that didn't want to go home yet.   Nevertheless it was dark and cold by the time we got home and it was great to return into the warm living room and be greeted by the Christmas lights.  Home sweet home. 


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