# duwmee 2017 - the result

After our day of walking with an evergrowing number of participants and the spectacular welcome from the Lokomotiv drumband,  we were ready to walk to the event area of the Warmste Week.  Walking to the end of our event always gives a lot of adrenaline as we have no idea yet what the result of our action was.  In previous years I had heard more intermediate amounts, but now I had only heard 18000 at 11 AM. It was my hope to raise more than 40000€ but...could we? 

We entered the event island over the bridge and tunnel with the 1000 flames of all the different charities that participate in the Warmste Week.   I figured it'd be hopeless to find Mobile School, but we did. 

There was a big crowd present in front of the stages because of the ongoing concerts, so it was hard for me to find a good spot to see the radio DJ stage.  While our mobile school finally got wheeled on stage and we were texting everyone and posting everyone to turn the tv and radio on, I got a message "you are on tv in the news! "   . Turns out that they had filmed in the afternoon with a tv crew while I was on the bus and there was an item about us on the news. Yeay, chills.....but now it was about to happen.
Some of our volunteering colleagues got interviewed by the DJ's that start to know us after 5 years. We got the chance to explain the concept of the mobile schools. Before they announced the total amount of money raised, we tried to visualise the 150 million street children by holding up pictures of children that visited the mobile schools. I thought it'd never come across but wow, it looked amazing. The images of all these pictures of the children still gives me chills. 

Picture by Wouter Van Vooren

Picture by Wouter Van Vooren

Picture by Wouter Van Vooren

And then they announced we raised 46133 €!! Amazing!!!  I can tell you there were many very happy people in the crowd! 


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