A recurring house guest with a delivery tradition

Some attentive friends have noticed it in our FB feed: both my friend from yab  and I were posting the same sushi plate.

It's become a bit of a tradition to get together -  last minute and informal - and to order in Asian food, usually sushi.  We had promised in the past to text each other when we were ordering delivery food to check whether the others wanted to join. Nevertheless it more often didn't work out than do.

Due to her move to Switzerland and her return to Belgium, all of a sudden we see each other much more often as she stayed here multiple times in our guest room.  It's a bit ironic that you need to move to another country or city to see each other more frequently :p.   The boys already cheer when we say that she's going to stay overnight again and ask how many nights. She's helped us out to babysit when Kabouter was all of a sudden ill and she brought him to school once when Jan and I had to leave early to work.  Very practical to have such a recurring house guest that requires no effort at all.

And now that she has an apartment in Belgium again, she still comes now and then (to join us for dinner and) to sleep in the guest room that is mostly idle and available.  Fun.

I enjoy the company and I enjoy the fact that our guest room is used regularly. We have very consciously chosen to renovate the house and give the boys each a room while keeping a small guest room. Also in the Ardennes we are still working on creating a bit more guest space. It's very genuine when we tell our foreign friends all the time that they are welcome to stay over. We enjoy house guests and visitors and informal stay-overs.

So yab, feel free to return ... and all my other friends: the message counts for you as well.

(PS: not only do we post the same on FB...we also post almost the same on our blogs :D)


Anonymous said…
I will be back! ❤️
Yab said…
It was I: yab!
Goofball said…
@yab: phewww...an anonymous who will be back, could be a bit creepy

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