Invidia #ouderzonden

Regular readers from Belgian bloggers might have noticed that there is currently a new blogging series launched with the # ouderzonden (#parental sins) by Romina from Big City Life. Once a week, we'll blog about the 7 capital sins of parenthood. You can find the participants here.

This weeks question is: what would do you envy from other parents? Or what would you take over from them if you could?

I find it very hard to spend creative time with my children. Crafting is not something I've every done myself and I feel uninspired to do so.  I do not create any of their clothes, not even a carnaval costume. I don't bake ,  ...  So sometimes you see things passing by on social media and you feel envious. Who wouldn't be proud of those instagrammable / pinterest-worthy creations?

If we paint or bake with the children, it'll be mostly Jan taking the initiative. I look up against all the hassle and don't really know where to start  (although i've learnt now already that it's truly less hassle than what I think in my mind). 

I don't believe truly that my children miss out because we hardly craft anything together. I've never done so with my parents either and I had a happy childhood.

and yet...yes yet, sometimes you wonder. Sometimes you see the realisations of other parents and you feel like you fail or you feel a bit envious. Sometimes I wish I felt more inspired and less overwhelmed to take up such activities. 

Join their fantasy world

I love interacting with my children and I love to play games with them.  But I feel best in reading books together, in making a puzzle, in building a snow man, in going on a walk together and observing nature, in building a block tower, in having a tickle fight or in playing soccer.

I find it however very difficult to participate in a fantasy game where I need to take a role of "this hero" "this car"  and then you have to do this  or ... Then I feel all of a sudden stuck in my rationalism, not knowing what to do or say. What do they want from me?

A sleeping baby 

I'm a sucker for pictures from other parents with a sleeping baby on their belly or in their bed. I miss those baby moments from my children and often wish I could turn back the clock (but only for some aspects). 


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