My beats

Previous Christmas was the first time in years that I had a request for a Christmas gift:  a good bluetooth headphone.

You have to know that my inner ear shell is a bit odly shaped and as a result the in-ear headphones never stick. Since in the past it was truly not fashionable to wear big visible headphones, I've been struggling for long with tiny headphones that combine an in-ear pod that also clings around my ears...but it never stuck properly. On top of that, I suffered regularly from excema inside my ear regularly.

So I wanted big headphones and I got Beats under the Christmas tree.

And they are awesome.  

The sound is great (ok...compared to tiny dangling cheap headphones, everything improves).  They cancel out office noise which can be very practical at some times.   And I can walk to the toilet and the coffee machine and the music continues :D.  They connect easily to my devices and the battery really lasts multiple days of playing.   Yeay. 


yab said…
Ha, ik heb ook een Beats koptelefoon, maar bij mij beginnen de oorkussens al serieus slijtage te vertonen.

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