Random points

  • I'm participating - as all of the Flemish bloggers , so it seems - with the 40 days of blogging challenge during lent.  Peace of cake, I figured, since I blog on average 5 times a week already. Of course I already felt my first writer's block on Friday.  :D. 

  • The vacation is over...no more ski pictures in my social media feeds. For us things went on just as usual but I really enjoyed the calmer roads and the almost meetingless week at work.  And there was no school bell deadline in the morning which made it much more relax.

    I was so in the regular work routine however, that I almost forgot to pick up Kabouter from his vacation daycare. If my colleague hadn't called me out of my concentration with a question, I had totally lost time.
  • Beertje fell asleep in my arms twice this week and that's very rare lately. It was wonderful and I just sat there for a while, watching him.

  • We had a fun afternoon catching up with a vacation friend that I met as a teenager. We hardly ever see each other, but we manage to catch up now and then and to stay in touch.  Kabouter clearly had a good time too because he asked if he could sleep over.

  • The flowers were insanely cheap at the market! Yeay for flowers in the house.


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