Start of last stretch of DIY renovations in our attic

Since we moved Kabouter to his own room in the attic in the Ardennes, we have not done anything anymore. After spending our free time in the summer to paint we were so happy to be done with 2 rooms, that we used the rest of our free time to enjoy.

But now my fingers are aching again. There's still half an attic to wait to get completed and it'd be great if that would be done before the summer...only a year later than my hope last year.  Since it was waaaaay to cold today in the Ardennes to be outside and since our driveway was an ice rink, I was glad to stay inside in the warmth and to head upstairs during Beertjes nap. 

It took a bit of time to gather all my material again but it was still there waiting for me.  With a bit of music, I started going in an annoying corner lacking any straight corner. Lots of puzzling with the paper pieces but I managed to get one wall and the lower part of the ceiling done in a few hours. Great to see change again! 


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