Things you don't want in your day
  • A rude driver honking and giving me the middle finger while he tried to pass me (too fast) because my car door was open while I was strapping Beertje in car. I was boiling from anger!!
  • A total blue screen PC crash/reboot  while sharing your screen in a conf call at work
  • The coffee machine broken in the office
  • A congested nose with tired eyes
  • Our reporting system crashing excel constantly
  • Tasks taking way longer so that at the end of the week you are more than one day behind on planned work
  • Black ice on the roads

Well all of that was part of my Friday. Every single bullet.  Not fun at all. An accumulation of frustrations.

But today I had to go for the 2nd time to a funeral in 2 weeks time: after Rose, I gathered with my entire family today to bury my cousin's wife.  She leaves her husband and 4 children and one grand children,  as well as many students in school behind.  She'll miss the birth of her 2nd grandchild by a few months.  

I also got a text message from another friend who just lost her father.

All the above is really just very trivial.  All that matters is that I am home now tonight with Jan and my little boys. 


ElsS said…
I suspect my 12yo was at that same funeral, she lost a splendid teacher and is still very sad ... life can be so damn cruel sometimes. Big hug.
Goofball said…
Klaartje van Sint-Pieters in Gent? Begrafenis in Eeklo? Er waren meerdere klassen van haar school aanwezig en ik vermoed ook leerlingen van mijn neef. Er was ongelooflijk ongelooflijk veel volk aanwezig.

Het is niet te vatten dat ze er opeens niet meer is.

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