Ile de Lérins Saint Honorat

While on vacation in Cannes at the start of this month we promised the children to take a boat.  Les îles de Lérins , the Lérins islands are a popular excursion from Cannes with a (semi) hourly ferry that only takes 15 or 20 minute depening on the island of destination.

We chose the island Saint Honorat with the Abbay on it. On the first Friday of the month, there is a small tour of the vineyards with a winetasting for only an additional 5 euro.  Lucky us we were there on the first Friday of the month.

Our optimism for the good weather turned out to be painfully cold on the ferry but once we were shielded from the wind in between the vineyards of the island, it was quite comfortable weather again.  The children didn't understand the guides explanation of the islands wine production, volunteering organisation etc but they ran up and down and up and down between the olive tree lane.  We didn't get to see very much of the vineyards really but returned rather quickly to the restaurant to sample 2 of the islands wines. 


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