Out of office: escaping a week to the Côte d'Azur

Last week we enjoyed a pleasant break with my in-law-family.  Together we travelled to the South of France.

Our vacation started with Brussels Airlines' Rackham plane...one of their fun Belgian themed planes. We boarded it while the Trident took off next to us.  As trivial as it might seem, I find these planes really adding some value and make me proud as a Belgian. 

Our children behaved as true frequent flyers, enthusiastic and active to go on vacation. As of now Beertje also has his official frequent flyer card. Did you know that children can get their own Miles and More card as of 2 years and their accumulated points never expire before they are 18? Pretty cool huh.  So if you travel with them several times in their childhood, you might give them a free flight as a present for their adulthood just by signing them up. 

Since our flight was quite short it was relatively easy to keep the children entertained.  We were lucky to have 2 free seats next to us so they could move around a bit and "visit daddy" or "visit mommy". We played with the iPad, admired the snow on the Alpes and ate (although both of them hardly touched the Smurfs lunchboxes for the kids...more food for me :) )

After 90 minutes, some shuttles around the Nice airport to arrive at the rental cars and a smooth drive, we arrived in a totally different world. Vacation world. Beach and sun and a bit of wine world. Out of office world. 


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