#WieisJunieth? : Meet Junieth

Today is the International Day for Streetchildren. As usual , we tried with the volunteers of Mobile School to put streetchildren in the spotlight in a positive way.  In previous years we slept on the street, we worked on the street twice etc...but now seemingly there was no activity announced.

But my friends were very active while I mainly watched via messenger apps what they were doing.  With 60 people they worked for 300 hours in Ghent to transform the city center. Everywhere there were banners, bike tags, flyers and chalk signs on the sidewalks asking #wieisjunieth (who is junieth).  In the morning we attacked social media with the hashtag and our approach worked:... it got picked up and people were wondering who was Junieth.  The hashtag was (and currently still is) in the top 5 trending hashtags on twitter in Belgium. Oh yeay :)
The site www.wieisjunieth.be counted down to 12:04 when finally we released the wonderful story of Junieth Machado as example of all the talents that street children have.

Here's some of the coverage:

De Morgen 

De Standaard 






But the coolest was the thank you video's in our internal chat conversations where I realised only at the end that Junieth herself had been reading and viewing along all along :). Great inspirational lady!


Annelies said…
Mobile School, geweldig initiatief! Kocht een paar jaar geleden ook het boek StreetwiZe van Arnoud Raskin. En hij was in onze bib (waar ik werk) voor een lezing toen. Fantastische lezing! En zeker 15 jaar geleden (of iets langer geleden zelfs) waren jullie op het Wereldfeest in Bokrijk, Genk,(en toen kocht ik een t-shirt). Dit initiatief kan je niet genoeg steunen!

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