Count my blessings - August 2018

  1. The return of the rain in Belgium...never thought that would make me happy but it did!
  2. Waze knowing there's been a big accident ahead of the road and sending me on an alternative on time.
  3. A hare running over the field
  4. Harvesting potatoes together with the children 
  5. Starting to read a book again
  6. Singing the Smurfs song on top of my longs with the children in the car
  7. Chatting with the neighbours on the driveway
  8. Riding our bike on the RAVeL with the entire family and watching Kabouter peddling away
  9. Looking back at a record number of top summer weekends spent in the Ardennes
  10. Catching up with some friends again
  11. An hour of sport during working hours (organised by my company)

This is a monthly list of simple things in my life that make me happy or that make me smile.  
As the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I want to pay attention to these small things that make me happy in my daily life and be grateful for them. You can find all of them via this link


Leen said…
Waze heeft hier ook al veel drama's voorkomen :) :)

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