At the beach in Puerto de Mogàn

As stated before, the more time I spend on a sunbed, the less eager I am to get up. So it actually took some self-discipline to gather our stuff and actually walk with the kids the full 1,(5?) km to the beach as I had promised them.  We had to get there at least once, no?

It's quite ironic since we have discovered Puerto de Mogàn 3 years ago, because of the beach. Our first time on this beach was based on a recommendation of other parents while we were staying in a hotel on the mountains above Las Palomas.  We enjoyed the little bay, bordered with a esplanade with little restaurants and shops during a daytrip.  And yet previous year, when staying for the first time in Puerto de Mogan itself,  we never made it to the beach during day time.

Despite all the fun at the pool, we went to build sand castles one afternoon and we returned content full of sand back to our hotel room after a busy afternoon.


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