Autumn walks with friends around Robertville and Outrewarche

We had friends coming over in the Ardennes for a visit. They'd been with us recently and clearly that tasted like more.  We woke up with the first morning frost, which was gorgeous.  

We walked from the power dam in Robertville through the somewhat slippery woods towards the Reinhardstein castle where a bit Saint Hubertus weekend was advertised. Indeed there were some farm poultry on display and Saint Hubertus horn blowers were playing music now and then but other than that it was pretty dead. You could pay for the usual guided tours in the castle but that wasn't too interesting for the children. The Mediaval festivities in summer are much more entertaining to visit.  So we quickly returned to Robertville for some lunch.

In the afternoon we all took some needed rest, there were games to be played and cupcakes to be baked.

Before the early sunset, we headed for another evening walk in the area to grasp some more crisp air and some beautiful views with the low autumn sun. 


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