Relaxing in the park on Easter Monday

Past Easter Monday was a day with an empty agenda and I managed to keep it that way. Unfortunately Jan had to attend a funeral in his family but I was at home with the children on a nice summer day after a busy and sometimes difficult Easter weekend.

We chilled most of the morning doing nothing in particular. In the afternoon I chased all of us outside to go picnic and play in the park. We gathered bikes, a blanket, cookies, drinks, sunscreen, a book, and sunglasses and off we went.

The blanket demanded that we had a small picnic of Easter chocolate eggs and some fruits. Then I installed myself for a rare moment of reading while the children were singing camp songs, while they practiced their bike riding skills by making "a very big tour!!!" and while they played ball games.

It were a glorious couple of relax non complex hours. We were just missing a toilet in the park to stay a bit longer :p. This is to be repeated this summer!


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