A tropical weekend in the Ardennes

Previous weekend and the last week of June were hot in Western Europe. We were in an official heat wave and I must admit that I do not find our house in Leuven pleasant in a heat wave. Due to be in the city center with a tiny walled garden and a glass backside of the house, there is not much escape.  Our basement would have a pleasant temperature but that place needs an urgent decluttering.

Fortunately we can go and flee to the Ardennes. The outside temperatures match those of the rest of the country in the summer , contrary to the winter where it's always much colder.   But at least we have garden space with sun and shade, 2 terracces and a pretty cool (temperaturewise) house.  Even though I had family commitments on the other side of Belguim on Sunday which would require me to cross the country, we fled to the Ardennes to stay cooler.

We enjoyed all of our meals outside which gave me a vacation feeling , we relaxed and played with water and stayed mostly in the shade which was really nice. Somehow these hot days out in the garden there remind me of childhood vacation days.

A little pool can introduce already a lot of cooling and fun. The most attractive activity however was to get as much water as possible quickly out of the pool so it seemed. 

For the rest we took it easy in the garden. 


Kris10 said…
Looking good!

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