A grey rain cloud was threatening to release its contents sooner or later on the dry grass.
Jan was testing the smoking functionality of his big-ass BBQ for the first time and was keeping a dedicated eye on the smoke and meat thermometer.

Previous weekend Kabouter had asked to go riding our bikes already but we had given him a veto as it was too hot to make any unnecessary movement and get out of the shade.  The question returned this morning.  And Jan had already taken out our bikes out of the shed so they were patiently waiting in the grass.

K : "Can we go ride our bikes"
G: "Euh, I can't take Beertje on my bike so only if he stays home with dad. Beertje do you want to play a bit here with dad?"
B: "Nooooooo". Tears well up.
K: "But I want to go ride our bike, when are we going to ride our bike."

Jan and I exchange some looks.
Jan takes Beertje aside and tries to convince him to have some quality time together.
B: "Noooooo, but I don't want to stay here , I want to go with mom."
J: "No, we'll go ride tomorrow, it's not going to work today , it's going to start raining anyway."
Kabouter pouts

A while later it comes up again. Kabouter keeps asking why I can't ride Jans bike or transfer the child seat on my bike, which is technically not possible.
G: "What if Kabouter and I just go for a really small ride, just to the horses, it's not going to be long."
Jan promises Beertje to go for a ride with him tonight. Neither of the boys seem impressed.
G: "I can go first with Kabouter and then I'll walk with you Beertje and you can ride your stepping bike".   Finally Beertje is convinced. Hallelujah. We found our compromise, everybody is happy!

K: "No no, I don't want to ride my bike anymore today, we'll go tomorrow".


(but luckily it did start to rain a bit 20 minutes later. At least the cloud was less whimsical than the children).


Els said…
children ;-)

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