A rainy weekend in East Belgium with friends

It's only a few weeks ago since I rejoiced for a cold wet weekend after the crazy heat wave.  Now we've had a couple of them and I no longer rejoice.  The mid-August weekend was my only "summer vacation" by taking a long weekend in the summer months.   After the BBQ at our family with risky weather and a little bit of rain, the weekend just treated us on grey cold weather and a load of rain between Saturday and Sunday.

We had friends coming over to stay with us in the Ardennes and the children had been looking forward to that all weekend. With a good look on the rain radar, we managed to do a really nice walk before it got wet . The Warche Tour is one of our favourite walks nearby that offers a bit of everything: countryside, woods, the little river, climbing and descending, ... It's one of the walks where all children seem to be motivated to walk themselves even if it offers some good climbs. 

In the evening, our terrace was sheltered enough to get the BBQ going but for the rest of the time we were inside with the heating on.  We managed to squeeze in a 3rd mattrass in the boy's room so that was a big party there.  Now, actually the boys slept quite well but the massive rain and an upset stomach kept me awake for part of the night. Ugh. 

On Sunday we were all forced to have a lazy long slow morning in the house as the weather didn't permit anything else. Yet it was great to finally see some dry sky at 11 AM and we quickly all profited to catch some much needed fresh air in a quick walk along the farmland nearby.  Aaah much better.   

After that there was some more resting in the house and some more rain outside and then we all got ready to leave together with our friends to a party of some mutual friends of ours.  Despite all rain and the many hours of hanging around in our little house, I hope everyone nevertheless enjoyed themselves and didn't regret the drive up to the east of Belgium. 


Kris10 said…
In leuk gezelschap ben je de regen snel vergeten!

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