20 random pictures of the last 4 weeks

1. Our children sometimes "borrow" our phone or iPad and hence we find very abstract or weird pictures in our picture stream.

2.  When visiting my mother, we were very happy to see that the neighbour cat was visiting as well.

I adore this picture!
3. Beertje found a card deck and wanted to play.  A real game was a bit difficult but we made some sort of sorting game.

4. Kabouter tested the boy scouts 2 afternoons and just succeeded in getting subscribed (since there was a member stop due to an overwhelming interest and therefore we needed a bit of luck). 

5. Beertje went to play at his very first birthday party ...and there was this balloon. 

6. Yoghurt got selected because there was a tattoo. 

7. That's my gin. I deserve my own gin so Jan gave it to me as a gift. Cool huh.

8. Our self-harvest farm allowed us to harvest 1 melon. I was very excited but it ended up tasting very watery to be honest. It didn't fulfill the expectations.

9. We've baked a record amound of pizza last month... partially due to Kabouter's party (and we had to test different doughs beforehand...and then we had leftover dought afterwards), etc... I think I had enough pizza for a while.

10. The children got the cutest cooky baking outfits this weekend. So cute! 

11. Kabouter seems to be very enthousiastic to learn to read and discovers words and text everywhere to test. 

12. Beertje was eagerly following the Deliveroo rider bringing us a Libanese dinner on the map and announcing to me that he was almost there. 

12. A play-doh pizza party...I guess we didn't have enough pizza yet.


Kris10 said…
No such thing as too much pizza!
Anne said…
Haha die gin! Zalig :-) (ik lust dat niet, maar dan nog)

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