Busy (with coughing...less with posting)

Wow, I just got bombarded this week with extra work at work, while the volunteering work for Mobile School will kick up in the next 2 months. And by coincidence I didn't have 2 good nights previously so today is a tough day and I plan to go to bed early. Looking forward to that!

And this morning I went to check-in in the hospital to get a lung x-ray to rule out pneumonia after 4 weeks of nasty coughing  (verdict: no pneumonia, lungs are clean...just wait another 2 weeks to see if the coughing stops...ugh).

So the speed of posting here seems be a bit lower than previous years.  August and September were already slightly slower and I decided that is just fine. I'm not going to force myself to reach a specific number of posts per week or to post my promised (stress) posts by a specific date. It'll come when it comes...just like my coughs come when they come.


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