Morning routines in the neighbourhood

A little after 8 in the morning and I pull the door closed behind our back.
2 backpacks with small legs underneath me start walking
The first one moves lively ahead while the smallest trails
and waits for me to take his hand.

Hand in hand we continue.

Around the corner I lose the grip of the tiny hand
as the poles in front of that school need to be slalomed
I nod to the grumpy men that help children cross the street

In the turn we hear the 2 steps descending behind us
All children exchange enthusiast hello's to the 2 older girls from school
that zooff by us on their step each day
"Hellooo " the young voices descend the sidewalk

We cross the mother with her son
climbing up the hill while I descend with mine
Our eyes cross and laugh
We know we'll repeat this nod in 15 minutes
in the opposite direction without children

My children start running ahead
I yell them stop at the crossing
as usual.
They know, I tell them each day

From the side street we wave to class mates
coming our way
with a growing group we pass the railroad bridge
and we wish the teacher at the crosswalk a good morning

There are some greets to other parents
Schoolbags get emptied in the classes
Some goodbye kisses are exchanged
and I briskly walk off again.

With a good tread I start the climb
another hello to the mother waiting at the bus stop in the mean time
and an understanding grin to the parent with son
that rushes late towards the school.

I cross the mother without her son
descending the hill while I climb up.
She's talking to one of the mothers of her children's school as usual.
Our eyes cross again.

The boy in grey and fluo orange pulls his cleaning machine along the sidewalk
cleaning and picking some papers  with music in his earbuds.
I nod the grumpy men that help children cross the street
and I arrive home again to pick-up my back-back and go to work.


Anne said…
Herkenbaar, van láng geleden :-)

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