In a hotel with an animation team at Halloween

I wrote it previous year: I used to be allergic to all hotels with an animation team. I tried to ignore them entirely, hid for them and went to search a quiet area.  So it's quite funny that we voluntarily go and relax for 3 years now in an animated hotel.

The animation firm apparently changed from Activv to TRJ and I found the team previous year much more fun and contageously energetic.  But I must say that they truly outdit themselves at Halloween. 

I participated at a horror yoga session with the moaning zombie as instructor. Quite...euh..interesting but not very relaxing :D.

The children could get face-painted into scary heroes but they opted for not so scary versions.  Although Beertje's after swimming clown started to look like the Joker more and more :D. 

For the mini disco the children could paint T-shirts and make masks... Once again Beertje must confuse Halloween with Valentine or so but he was soooo cute. That night was the only night he dared to dance with his mask in the mini disco where on the other nights he stayed in his comfort zone near us. 


Kris10 said…
I love mama! Dat is pas scoren!
Goofball said…
@Kris10: absoluut, het charme offensief werkte :)
yab said…
Dat t-shirt is zoooo cute!
Goofball said…
@yab: ik ben in tweestrijd want ik zou het hem elke dag willen aandoen, maar anderzijds ben ik zo bang dat het vuil wordt en dat ik het niet kan wassen.
Le petit requin said…
Hihi, echt Halloween is dat t-shirt inderdaad niet, keischattig daarentegen :)
En die foto van hun in die badhanddoeken is echt om vrolijk van te worden!

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