Buffalo Bill Wild West dinner show at Disneyland Paris

I've shared my reluctant feelings about Disneyland before but there was one evening that was absolutely fun against my expectations.  Jan had informed me that he had booked some sort of dinner show "with cowboys, horses and Mickey Mouse".  I had imagined some more cheesy fake commercial show but had not given it much extra thought.

So we lined up for the Buffalo Bill Wild West show which is situated at Disney village right at the parks' entrances/exits.  You smell the stables as soon as you enter which made me curious what the night would be like. Also the warnings that you are not supposed to attend when astmathic because of the sand whirling up and hay in the building etc. 

Once lined up, you get tickets in a color...which gives you further on a cowboy hat in the same color.  The entire crowd is divided in 4 color blocks, each with their own hats.

After a long wait, conveniently in the bar area, you are allowed to enter the arena to your assigned seats.

There is a light in our drinks, woohoo

You enter a big arena with all table desks in front of the rows with all people facing the running area. In between the seats with table desk is each time a small row with space for the caterers to serve everyone.

The menu is the same for everyone (unless you've claimed allergies I suppose): a child menu or adult menu with mixed grill, chili con carne, corn bread etc... and lots of nachos for everyone.  A limited choice of drinks are served with jugs and the food is delivered by the servers that carry serving baskets on their belly.  All very synchronised and timed within the show but well done. 

And then the show starts. With lots of racing horses, flags, (fake) gunshots,  cowboys and not so native looking Indians, and of course Mickey Mouse and friends coming by as well. We were still at Disneyland after all.

There was rodeo with a rider in each color of the arena so we were all cheering and waving our hats when "our" rider was competing. 
There was herding of cows and chuckwagon riding and firepit singing
There were impressions of native bison hunting  (in the dark...a bit frightening for the children)
There was a postal carriage robbery 
And a bit odd in the atmosphere there was Micky and Minnie and friends coming by now and then. 

It was all very well organised and very entertaining.  And it made me miss the Far West. 
Anyway if you happen to go to Disneyland Paris and you don't suffer from asthma, I can recommend booking this show!


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