It's carnival

Next week is Spring break at school, always the week that lent starts and carnival is celebrated. Hence the children must celebrate it a bit earlier at school with a big dress up party today on Wednesday.

I've profited from the 2nd storm passing by in 8 days and organised a fitting/ play session with our dress up clothes.  While Carnival was a huge source of stress a few years ago, we've inherited so many clothes from family and friends that it's now a matter of choosing.

Kabouter was decided right away: Ninja.  But Beertje was browsing through it all and tried several knight outfits only to decide he had to be Saint Nicolas. Then he was disappointed he had no Piet to assist but Kabouter wasn't going to change his mind.

The next evenings Jan labelled their outfits. The trauma of melting the pirate vest last year is not yet fully digested by me.

And so off they went this morning, to join a world of giraffes, pirates, Minnie Mouses, Spidermans, dragons, super heroes etc ... I always leave the front door with a big smile as I am already greeted on the sidewalk and bike road in front of our house by all these colorful strange little creatures coming by in party mood while a little later my social media feed fills with more pictures posted by all their proud parents.  Well, here's my share of it ;)


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