Leuven, the almost empty city

What a week...what a world...I've not found the words to describe the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions I feel lately.  Let's just say I'm losing my rational side a bit and show my ease to anxiety and stress.

I took the boys out for a walk through the quiet city this afternoon to catch some fresh air for as long as we are still allowed to do so.  I fear we'll get further restrictions as in Italy and Spain soon.  The city was not deserted but for a Saturday it was weirdly quiet since only supermarkets were allowed to be open or food catering places for take-away.  The market was still in place with food stands only , where a bit to my frustration no 1m security between waiting people was in effect. 

We went via the quiet Dijlewolvenpad which is always an oasis of tranquility in the city center. I intended to show Kabouter Father Damien's tomb, since he learned about our local saint Father Damien in school but he got scared by the old lepra pictures at the entrance.

Other than that I made a collection of pictures of Corona closure signs in the city and got a handful of things in a convenience supermarket downtown and was much relieved to see it quiet and well stocked after all the hysteric hoarding pictures online. 

Empty restaurant and shopping streets.


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