No we don't need anti-boredom advice

It's ironic how we got bombarded with anti-boredom tips when the Corona lockdown measures were announced. How would we fill our days?  We were ordered to stay a few weeks on our couch so to speak. 

- Streaming series
- Indoor sports
- Webinars
- phoning friends
- Reading tips
- ...

But the fact is that most of us are homeworking for the moment and we are combining it with taking care of the children. Well let me tell you a fact: you can't combine that. Either you work or either you play/work/educate (with) the children.  So even though I might have breaks and spend some time puzzling with Kabouter or take both boys for a soccer game in the park nearby and have some "relaxing" moments with them, I then catch up missed mails and to do's after their bedtime.  The work days are stretched out and there's little or no me-time at the moment.

But I'm not complaining. We're doing well and I'm grateful I'm still working.  Not everyone is so lucky and previous weeks have shown that our world as we know it might change drastically any moment. It's with some fear that I see the rapid decline in economic activity and I'll have to take up mandatory some vacation days in the next weeks (which reduces the juggling between work/ family time immediately).  Anyhow it's clear that all measures will be prolonged tomorrow evening. So maybe one day I'll be happy with anti-boredom advice...but not quite yet.   Now I just want some quiet time to relax.


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