We keep ourselves busy

In the end it wasn't such a bad thing to be told to take some vacation days from work because I have enjoyed a lot of quality time with the children lately.  No we are not bored. We don't need advice on how to occupy ourselves in "normal" vacation time either, although we've probably never spent so much time at home before. We rediscover all the games we have at home which is a good thing, although I am not always as much in the mood about their suggestions and vice versa. But we all take turns in choosing and try to alternate what we do.  One day, when our schedules are all filled up again we might look back at this period with some melancholy.

Update: I wrote this post 2 days ago and prescheduled it. In the mean time I must admit that I felt for the first time a strong sense of boredom. Not the lack of ideas for potential activities ...but looking forward to any of these.  Not another game of Monopoly yet again, another walk, another craft. The children seem to pull up their upper lip for all my suggestions and I feel the same.  For the first time this situation starts feeling long without view of change any time soon.  Maybe it's the greyer weather after the great summer days. I'm sure this is a dip that'll pass again. 

pretend to put make-up on each other


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