2nd return to Planckendael with reservation

When we made our first reservation to Planckendael Zoo, we immediately made a 2nd one as the first weeks were fully booked right away. Aparently now it slows down and it is more feasible to get a spot again.  

But here we were, about 2 weeks after our first visit again.  this time it was a week day, almost evening and there had been some showers so it was much more quiet than the first time.  Really nice.  This time we knew the routine how to arrive, where to put on a face mask etc...

This time we visited Oceania and Asia.  Because it had been a disaster previous time not having visited the gift shop (and it closes earlier than the park itself and it had a big waiting line all along), we didn't make a visit to Europe anymore since we didn't have much time.

The Red Panda's in Asia were a hit. We declared them our favourite animals. 
For the first time I also climbed the high level parcours (not the rope one!!) and enjoyed the great view over the very large elephant enclosure. I don't think I know a zoo with such a big elephant area as this one.  Unfortunately all of them were inside. 

Unlike previous time we allowed the children to go into the gift store:   waiting line, crowd restriction, desinfecting hands...but they each got a new "favourite" toy that camps in their bed and all over the house with them now. Yeaaay.


yab said…
Die slang is cool!
Goofball said…
@Yab: ja die slang had hij bij het eerste bezoek opgemerkt en we zijn toen niet in de gift store geraakt en dat was nogal een drama voor de rest van de dag.

Deze keer zorgden we er maar voor om zeker wel in die gift store te raken, ook al hadden we deze keer minder bezoek tijd. We hebben dus een paar dieren in het laatste te bezoeken continent Europa gemist, voor die slang.

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