Tour de la Warche in the Summer

In the east of Belgium, at the countries heights, you can either be out of luck and stuck in clouds while the rest of the country is enjoying some sunshine...or the opposite. 

Apparently last Sunday we were the lucky ones , enjoying a glorious warm day where we could profit from the sun in our garden but we also went for one of our favourite walks in the neighbourhood. 
Not far from the lac de Robertville we descend a path that leads us to the Warche river that feeds into the lake. Just before it climbs up in the pine forest we could see the yearly Scouting camp in the field which felt a bit more special since Kabouter would leave on his very first camp the next day. 
At the edge of the field we snacked some fresh raspberries and back down at the river we threw some sticks in the river in a fetch game with a dog that was seeking refreshment in the water. 


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